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Modern Methods of Construction

Instinctively Green have recently completed an issues paper for the new Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority. The paper highlights the issues that need to be considered by both the supplier, purchaser and customer in using Modern Methods of Construction.

k1 Cambridge Cohousing Project…..nearly on site

The selected developer partner, Town, are due to announce  the construction firm who will be their main contractor.

Subject to the land exchange taking place in March , work on site will finally commence in the late Spring 2017….bringing 6 years of work into its final phase.

Working with Allia

In January 2017, Instinctively Green was appointed by Allia, the Social Enterprise company based in Cambridge, to help them project manage the development of their first high energy efficiency homes project. Subject to survey work being completed a planning application is expected to be submitted by late spring 2017

Planning Permission Granted

In April 2016 the detailed planning application to deliver 42 homes for Cambridge Cohousing Ltd was approved by  South Cambs District Council. Detailed technical work has commenced. We are aiming for an early Winter start on site.

Planning Application Made

In December 2015 the detailed planning application to deliver 42 homes for Cambridge Cohousing Ltd was submitted to South Cambs District Council. The submission was the result of 6 months intensive work turning the initial outline planning application and client brief into e detailed design.

We are hoping for approval in early Spring to enable a summer 2016 start on site.

Development Partner is Chosen

In Summer 2015 Cambridge City Council announced that a consortium called Townhus was appointed the preferred development partner to deliver the City’s first Cohousing scheme at Orchard Park, Cambridge. Townhus consist of development agents Town and a Swedish timber frame company, Trivselhus. The system  uses a high performance and sustainable timber frame system.

Cambridge Cohousing Membership

Membership of Cambridge’s first Cohousing scheme has now reached 33 out of 42 households.

South Cambs Vanguard Custom Build

In 2015 Instinctively Green with Future Planners helped South Cambs DC to be successfully appointed as one of the UK’s Custom Build Vanguard authorities. Being a Vanguard enables SCDC to set up systems to help self build and equivalent projects get off the ground.

Cambridge City Council

Cambridge City Council have approved a proposal to sell the land at k1 Orchard Park to a construction partner to deliver Cambridge’s first Cohousing project. This is excellent news and enables the project to proceed at pace.

Cambridge Cohousing Project

Cambridge’s first Cohousing has taken a major step forward. In February the newly formed company received a grant from the HCA to employ a professional team lead by Instinctively Green to deliver an affordable planning approval.

Tonight Cambridge City Council will discuss a paper to progress the disposal of the land to a construction partner.

For further details contact

Business Tool

Working with CAR Ltd  we have recently completed a pilot project testing a unique business questionnaire. The Sustainable Business Tool helps organisations to identify key areas for further action in becoming more sustainable.

The tool is useable across business sectors and size of organisation. We are hoping to expand the tool’s use across South Cambs District

For further details contact

Conference Invitations

Adam has been invited to talk at some regional and national events.

In April Adam will deliver a workshop on sustainability: can we afford it? to the Hertfordshire Housing Conference organised by Perrins Solicitors.

In September Adam will deliver a session as part of the RTPI Summer Conference to be held in Liverpool. This talk will focus on the sustainability of affordable housing housing.

The projects are with Hundred Houses Society and Swan Housing Group. For further details contact

Resident Project

We have been recently appointed by two housing organisations to deliver two engagement projects. Both projects involve working closely with a group of residents to help them map out how they can achieve energy and financial savings.

The projects are with Hundred Houses Society and Swan Housing Group. For further details contact

Co-Housing Project K1: Community Planning Event

As part of our work on the unique Co-Housing project in Cambridge we held a community planning event. The event brought together interested Co-Housing members and a range of professionals to test out some outline ideas for the site.  Three options have been produced and these are being analysed prior to a report back session.

We hope to present our phase one report to Cambridge City in the next few weeks.  Please visit the Cambridge K1 co-housing web site for more details.

Co-Housing Project: Cambridge K1

Adam Broadway and Stephen Hill have been appointed by Cambridge City to bring forward a unique Co-Housing project in Cambridge. Co-Housing projects are where  a  group of interested housing purchasers come together to help plan and design a new housing community. Models elsewhere demonstrate that early involvement in community development helps to create a more sustainable place. Working through CAR, Adam and Stephen are appointed to market test the concept at Orchard Park, north Cambridge. A series of key tasks are being undertaken to promote the initiative. Please visit the Cambridge K1 co-housing web site for more details.

Midland Heart

Instinctively Green have been appointed by Midland Heart to produce a corporate sustainability strategy. We are now into the third  month working with a cross organisational Green Group to create a bespoke sustainability strategy. Midland Heart are one of the UK’s largest housing organisations managing over 32,000 homes with some 2000 staff. Embedding sustainability into their business is a key driver for the group. Through our work we will help them save money, make better use of limited resources and create a culture of sustainable work and living. The work is due for completion in early 2012.

Woodford Design Enquiry

In June Instinctively Green joined forces with Taylor Young to deliver a 5 day community design enquiry. The event was intense, interactive but very productive. We have received excellent feedback from the agencies supporting the project and the community members who gave up so much of their time. The final report is due out later in the summer.

Behaviour Change Project

Working with partners Environmental Perspectives, Instinctively Green is co-ordinating a joint project on behaviour change research. The project will involve active research with a variety of partners to try and understand what some of the barriers people face to making further sustainability lifestyle changes when living in energy adapted homes.

Hundred Houses Society

HHS are a small local housing association based in Cambridge. They have appointed Instinctively Green to work with them on a revision to their exitsing sustainability strategy and policy. The work is due to be completed by early Autumn

Bath and North East Somerset, June 2011

We have just been appointed by Bath and North East Somerset Council to a framework providing planning, housing delivery and sustainability advice and support. We won this through a competitive tender process. We are delighted to be able to offer BNES professional advice to their strategic planning team over the next year.

MADE Panel, June 2011

Adam has been appointed to join the design review panel run by MADE focusing on large, strategic developments on the Midlands area.

Woodford Aerodrome, Stockport May 2011…week commencing 13 June

Working with our leading urban design partners Taylor Young, we are helping to facilitate a Design Enquiry for the BAE Woodford Aerodrome. The Design Enquiry will enable local communities and interest groups to work with the consultant team CASS Associates to identify potential land uses for a subsequent masterplan. The full week session starts on Monday 13 June. A daily blog will be available, capturing results from each day.

Planning Approval for Domestic Windturbine March 2011

Instinctively Green have successfully helped a private client obtain planning approval under delegated authority to install small scale wind turbine of a site in Maisemore near Gloucester. Obtaining planning approval under delegated authority was a result of a clear and open approach to local consultation and involvement. The wind turbine will be installed during the summer.

Tamworth Climate Change Strategy May 2011

Instinctively Green have completed the appointed by Tamworth LSP to produce a climate change strategy bespoke to the town. The strategy aims to help organisations, companies and residents to set out a road map to reduce everyone’s impact on carbon emissions. This important piece of work was completed in May 2011.


Northallerton Masterplan Nov 2010

Working with our leading urban design partners Taylor Young, we have been offering strategic sustainability advice on the masterplan for a 1000 home extension to Northallerton. The plan will include a variety of land uses in an environmentally enhanced landscape with improved local connections. The masterplan will form a planning application in spring 2011.

Bletchley Transport Strategy July 2010

Working with our partners leading transport consultants White Young Green (WYG), we were appointed to help Milton Keynes Council to produce a transport strategy for Bletchley. Our role was to deliver an open and robust consultation strategy to support the transport strategy for the town. The strategy was approved by MK Cabinet in April 2011 and our consultation approach was highly commended.

Planning Advisor July 2010

Instinctively Green have been appointed by a private landowner to promote the installation of a small scale wind turbine in the South West region. Wind turbines are import sources of renewable energy though their location and positioning present local challenges. Our role is to work with the local community and planning authority to bring forward a successful planning application.

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive April 2010

Working in partnership with leading transport consultants White Young Green (WYG), we have recently secured one of three places as consultants on a framework to the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) . Our role is to provide consultation support to the SYPTE on a range of transport proposals in the South Yorkshire region. The framework lasts for 3 years.

Sustainability Director and Planning Advisor Jan 2010

Instinctively Green have been appointed as Sustainability Director to Keystone Developments (part of the Longhurst Group) to provide leading sustainability advice and support for an exemplar residential development in North East Lincolnshire. The project will consist of a range of housing types focusing homes and services for older people. A design team of leading masterplanners and advisors is now in place and preparations are being made for a range of stakeholder and public engagement work prior to a planning application being submitted in late Autumn. Instinctively Green are also commissioned to prepare the planning application in partnership with the local authority.

Join the 10:10 Campaign

10:10 campaign logo
Instinctively Green has signed up to the 10:10 campaign. The national campaign has been set up to encourage everyone to cut their carbon emissions by 10% in 2010. It is targeted not only at businesses and schools but you and me. We believe that we all have a role to play in reducing our carbon emissions. We have joined the campaign because we simply believe it is right. We encourage you do so as well.

Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd

Adam Broadway has been invited to join Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd as an Associate. By joining CAR Ltd both parties hope to collaborate more closely on future projects combine each other

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