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Hertfordshire Conference

21 June 2017

Instinctively Green have been commissioned by a range of organisations to deliver various engagement initiatives.

These have included:

  • Masterclasses
  • Climate Change Training
  • Engaging Residents

We have delivered masterclasses for various organisations at different levels within a company. For example we delivered a masterclass for senior managers at Midland Heart as part of our role to develop a bespoke sustainability strategy. We have also delivered sustainability masterclasses for the Hertfordshire Housing Conference in May 2012 and the Interact construction professional network. Masterclasses are used to engage the subject matter within a business or organistion.

In addition we deliver specific themed training such as on climate change, carbon footprinting and energy performance. We have delivered these for public, voluntary and private businesses.

In 2011 we were engaged with our partners CAR Ltd as part of the Retrofit For The Future initiative and worked with residents and the resident group for Aragon Housing Association. In 2012 we were specifically invited by Greenhouse PR to help structure the development and engagement of residents for Swan Housing Group. This was followed by helping Hundred Houses Society to engage with residents in their original 1920s properties as part of a retrofit initiative.

Key tasks carried out by Instinctively Green were:

  • Delivering relevant and bespoke workshops
  • Using appropriate engagement techniques to enable more in-depth understanding
  • Creating the circumstances for interaction rather than lecturing

Successful outcomes were:

  • Successful engagements leading to more in-depth work
  • Endorsement by various organisations
  • Invitations to other opportunities